Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Inspector Frank Falzon

investigated many high-profile homicide cases.

See some of the most notable below.

Night Stalker

Courtesy of Los Angeles Police Department, Public domain, via Wikimedia

City Hall Murders

Courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle 1978

The Witch Killers

Courtesy of Vince Maggiora/SF Chronicle file

Zodiac Killer

Courtesy of the San Francisco Police Department & Wikimedia Commons

Zebra Murders

Courtesy of California Department of Corrections via Wikipedia

Carlson Murder

Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle file 1974

The Murder of Chef Masa Kobayashi

Courtesy of Great Chefs

Falzon was an absolutely meticulous investigator and kept detailed record of every case he was involved in. These images show just a few examples of his notes: